The Terms and Conditions of using PhazaSoft "Ekzekutor" software by Phazeus.

This software (the set of scripts) is the Lua source code (OpenSource) and is intended for use with DirectConnect-servers (Hubs) and is the intellectual property, which is protected by copyright and law. This software is free for use in case of compliance by administration of resources that use the "Ekzekutor" software set of author's rules:

1. Prohibited any kind of drugs propaganda (both legal and illegal, for example, tobacco, beer, etc.) and the indulgence of such propaganda in any form or by failure to take measures to prevent actions that lead to the dissemination of such materials in benevolent form. Prohibited preventing the dissemination of such materials, describing their true effect on human and its harm.

2. Prohibited the dissemination of information in a benevolent form of various kinds of perversions, caused by genetic, psychiatric and psychological disorders, as well as debauchery and improper unethical.

3. Prohibited the promotion and dissemination of information in a benevolent form about any religion that goes beyond the objective consideration.

4. Prohibited the distortion of the ancient Slavic Culture and traditions, heritage denigration of Russia.

5. Prohibited propaganda of any political parties. Encouraged private civil Initiative and active citizenship outside the political parties and movements.

(the above paragraphs refer to the resources administration and users, whose actions must be controlled by the administration of resources)

6. Prohibited using this software or it's parts for commercial purposes without the consent with Author. It is forbidden to use the software on the official resources of companies and firms as well as legal entities without the consent with Author.

7. The Author reserves for himself the right to change the terms and conditions. Any disagreement with the Author's terms and conditions of use this software product leads to the abandonment its use.

These conditions also apply automatically to any version of "Ekzekutor" software.
Use the source code or part of this software allowed only perform these Terms and Conditions and references to source and Author.

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